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A Wish for Wings #273: Layouts and Panels 1-2 Done!

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February 23rd - The content updates are delayed, as usual.  I got called in for Jury Duty which put a ton of stuff on hold.  So all we have this month is an update to the links page with a link to Synchronicity.  While waiting for stuff to show up here, why not hit the links page?

January 9th - So, with the new website, I'd hoped to have new content right away.  But, well, I got laid off from work on the 4th.  BUT, in better news, I've been asked to provide some writing for a radio fan-project.  So I'll share more information on that as I can.  New features WILL be coming in the near future, including the continuation of the comics.  Just...it'll be a little longer than

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Star Trek: Redskirts Page
Wishworld Re-upload
What The Hell Is Jenn Eating?
Twitch Stream: The Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword Playthrough

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